Fun with Teddy and Pip

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Teddy and Pip have a brand new adventure: The Mystery at Christmas Castle !

Molly doesn’t know what or where her newest mystery is, but Tweets is definitely sending a new Morse code message. That, plus glorious Christmas time, is exciting enough, but Molly has to leave Nora in charge of looking for a mystery on the home front. Why? Because her family is suddenly heading out of town—and so are you!

Get ready to leave snowless, muddy Westerfield for a few days with Wally, Amelia, Mom Jane, Dad, Molly, Teddy, and Pip. They are heading for a wintery adventure in a big old house in the country. Computer and phone service is a bit crackly, but the charm makes up for it (at least that’s what the owners say). Get ready to discover a super creepy closet, a new music machine for Pip, a cool princess tower, and some fishy clues, pets, and people.

Is the house actually haunted? Will Teddy, Pip, or both be the hero and knight in shining armor and save the day? Will Pip be able to write new hit singles so far from his home? Will there be Christmas miracles this year, or will the Grinch steal it like last year? What will Tweets’ mystery turn out to be?

Best-of-Times for Best-of-Friends!

If you and your guinea pigs are signed up to be in Teddy and Pip's Best Friends Club, you could see your first names in the back of Teddy and Pip's next book!
You could even have a character named after you!
Then you will be a super famous rock star, just like Pip.

(Once you are famous, Pip would be happy to help you write your rock star songs. Tee hee!)

A Tale of Two Guinea Pigs

(Book 1)

Meet Teddy and Pip, two sweet, adorable, and funny guinea pigs. Their lives are full of treats and TV and best friends. It seems that everything is perfectly normal for them. But normal can't describe Teddy and Pip. They have a huge secret to keep....

The Bridezilla Who Stole Christmas

(Book 2)

Christmas is coming and love is in the air! Nothing could spoil Teddy and Pip's favorite holiday! But this year, Christmas must've forgotten about the two special guinea pigs. There is no tree, no lights, no presents. What can they do?

The Case of the Halloween Spy

(Book 5)

It is crispy, crunchy October, and Halloween is coming fast.  Time for costumes (for guinea pigs too!) and candy. But this year, it is also time for clues. Someone smart and sneaky is leaving a trail of them for detective Molly Jane Fisher to find. Too bad that, so far, the clues don't make sense at all. 

Who is this sneaky girl? What does she want? How does she leave so many notes without anyone seeing her do it? What does Elvis have to do with anything? Why is Benny Nubb in the middle of things? Is Tweets sending another Morse code message? But, the most important question of all - what (if anything) do the mysterious clues have to do with Teddy and Pip's big secret?

So, you see, Molly needs all the help she can get, including from you readers! Join Molly, her friends, Wally and Amelia, Max, and Tweets as they work to solve the mystery of the pumpkin clues... and do it before Halloween.

The Trouble with Max

(Book 3)

Teddy and Pip have known that Max is no good from the start. But what happens when all their other best friends are away and Max is the only one left to take care of them? They have to find a way to get rid of him and get their best friends back!

Nubb Trouble

(Book 4)

Join fourth-grade detective Molly Jane Fisher and the gang as things go from crazy to crazier along the road to solving the latest mystery! 
The two sassy and amazing guinea pigs, Teddy and Pip, are convinced that monsters are tapping on the windows of their once-perfect little house, and all they want is to pack up the boxes and move away.  
On the other hand, Molly is ninety-nine percent sure that this latest Taylor Drive mischief is the work of the neighborhood bully, Benny Nubb. All she needs is some proof, and that mean boy will get in trouble with his mom and the tapping will stop. But getting that proof is harder than Molly thought it would be. For one thing, Benny Nubb seems to be everywhere, watching Molly's every move. Add to that problem two unreasonable guinea pigs, absent parents, Max's new girlfriend, a huge thunderstorm, a State Fair project, the worst spot in the whole gym, an unreasonable Nora, and no ideas for winning a ribbon — it's enough to drive anyone cuckoo! 
On the bright side, Tweets seems to have all the answers. But everyone knows that you can't put a parakeet on the witness stand.

Teddy and Pip's Big Adventure 

(Book 6)

The Star of the Week can bring a pet to school for show-and-tell day . . . but Mrs. Kelly says "no birds." Birds are too noisy, and some kids are afraid of them. This is too bad for Molly Fisher, of course, but if Tweets can't come. . . . (You know what's coming next, don't you?)

Taking Teddy and Pip out anywhere is no small thing, but Molly is going to work hard to convince Wally. Add Hannah's mischievous, rule-breaking cousin Max into the mix with sweet Teddy and sassy Pip—plus the tricky nature of keeping the Big Secret—and let the crazy adventures begin!

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